Oil and gas treatment service

As for cooperation of JSC ModulNefteGazEngineering with oil and gas producers, one of options is the so called “service model”, which foresees a full range of testing and production activities in the territory of the Client facility using contractor’s own equipment, starting from well survey services and ending with operation of process facilities with participation of highly qualified personnel of the company. In other words, a daily rate in exchange for commercial products.

Service activities on the basis of mobile test complexes for oil and gas wells development (manufactured by JSC MNGE) enable the Client not to create its own infrastructure, not to hire a full team of workers, use the rented equipment of the complexes as infrastructure facilities, which will reduce expenses significantly (approximately by half!) and save time at an early stage during exploration of reserves and at the stage of exploratory wells test operation. This option also decreases the occupied area by a factor of 2.5 and lowers the pressure from the supervisory authorities, reduces expenses for design and capital investments until updated data about recoverable reserves are obtained. In some cases the existing permit documentation makes it possible to start early operation of fields on the basis of tie-in design and industrial safety expert review, or on the basis of pilot operation design, which, as compared to an option of capital construction, reduces the time of project implementation approximately by a factor of three.

Advantages of the service model:

  • Equipment is not on the balance of the Client (the Client is free of expenses for operational maintenance, a property tax, depreciation allowances, unnecessary accounting, etc.);
  • All activities starting with partial site preparation, supervision installation, commissioning, mobilization/demobilization of equipment, startup of the facility, operation with subsequent service and guarantee maintenance are performed by the contractor;
  • The personnel of the company fully monitors all processes from the start of contract execution to finalization of activities at the facility;
  • The proposed solution accelerates the process of facilities startup significantly;
  • Payments for works are distributed in time depending on a lease period

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