Supply of individual elements for well test operation system

For the last two years we have replaced the internals (optimized technical parameters) of our complexes and adapted them for the treatment of heavy oils, with a high gas-oil ratio (up to 1,000 m3 per one tonne and more). It is of great relevance especially now that more and more non-conventional reserves turn out to be under development.

For the last two years we have also upgraded a horizontal flare for smokeless disposal of liquid hydrocarbons. Now its operation is more stable, a range of fluids that can be disposed of there has increased.

Specialists of JSC MNGE developed a vertical gas separator which makes it possible to achieve a high degree of purification up to 50 mg/m3 of liquid hydrocarbons in a range of a flow rate of up to standard 3 million m3/day.

We developed a unified operation algorithm for tandem process equipment: oil/gas/water separator + produced water settler, which makes it possible to achieve stable operating mode of the equipment in a wide range of capacity of 0-6,000 m3/day in terms of liquid, with a stable quality of output products with the following parameters: water content in oil of not more than 1%, oil content in water of not more than 40 mg/m3, content of impurities in water of not more than 40 mg/m3.

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