Consulting in the area of equipment selection and design

JSC MNGE performs a set of works for the design of oil, gas, condensate and produced water collection, treatment and transport facilities, as well as the design of process equipment and automated process control systems, including:

Front-end engineering:

  • Collection of input data for design;
  • Inspection of facilities;
  • Development of feasibility studies or feasibility calculations;
  • Request of specifications, preparation of a technical assignment for design and survey activities.

Design and survey activities:

  • Engineering survey;
  • Inspection and analysis of processes within field systems of oil, gas and water collection, treatment and transport, issuing recommendations for their improvement;
  • Development of process diagrams; 
  • Development of design documentation;
  • Development of vendor documentation;
  • Development of detailed design documentation.

Expert review of the project.
Author’s supervision.
Functions of General Designer.

Design activities are carried out by qualified engineers and technicians having the required experience and able to solve the most complicated tasks.

At the stages of design, technical solutions are agreed with the Client taking into account individual requirements and requests.
The issued design documentation of JSC MNGE complies with all regulatory technical documents of the Russian Federation.

JSC MNGE is an active member of the self-regulating organization Baltic Association of Designers.

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