Operation of Client’s equipment

JSC MNGE performs a set of work for the operation of equipment manufactured by other companies:

  • Supervision​ installation;
  • Commissioning;
  • Construction and installation.

Qualified engineers and technicians of JSC MNGE have the required experience and permits:  

  • Foremen,
  • Oil field equipment mechanics,
  • Flow test specialists,
  • Diesel power plant operators,
  • Welders (National Agency of NDT and Welding),
  • Instrumentation fitters of grades 4-5, 
  • Construction electricians,
  • Installers of grades 4-5,
  • Heat insulation specialists,
  • Crane operators,
  • Drivers,
  • Loader operators,
  • Cooks, etc.

All employees of JSC MNGE receive service tools and protective clothes in a timely manner. In November of 2019 we finalized the development of a new scheme of data collection from metering instruments, which will allow us to gain up to 5 days during the installation and startup of complexes.

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