Today new small fields, small oil rims or remote areas with no infrastructure are brought into operation to maintain production.

Oil and gas companies get well fluids and need to transport them. In separate cases they need to dispose of them with no smoke in fully autonomous conditions.

It is often not possible or not economically feasible to transport the well fluids directly. That is why if your company has faced a similar concern, you can apply to the joint-stock company ModulNefteGazEngineering. Here are some typical cases we work with:

Mobile test complex for oil and gas wells development

Mobile test complex for oil and gas wells development

  • Conditions of full autonomy The Client only brings a well into operation. It is not clear how much oil it will give. There are no economic calculations, and nobody is ready to invest in product transportation. In this case well fluids are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner during several weeks, while the well is subject to testing.
  • Well fluids contain a large amount of gas. In this case we organize only a degassing process, and after that we export oil to a transport pipe or to road trains;
  • Well fluids do not only contain gas, but also a lot of water. In this case we add extra units to the process and remove water to the most economically feasible level for further transportation;
  • Oil shall be treated to achieve commercial quality. In this case the number of items of equipment becomes even greater. We add systems purifying the products from salt and various impurities.

In general, if you need a result – oil with a desired degree of treatment for transportation and obligatory compliance with HSE requirements during production, JSC MNGE will just solve the whole cycle of your tasks from a commissioned well to oil transportation.

Many employees of JSC MNGE stood at the origins of creating a trend of mobile oil treatment complexes that have a number of serious advantages as compared to capital facilities. We are maximally focused in this direction.

Каледин М.Ю.Commercial Director
Maxim Kaledin

We consult, design, manufacture complexes at our own base, transport them on our own vehicles to the most remote and untrafficable places of the Far North using crawler snow and swamp buggies of Vityaz type (developed for the defense industry), install and start them up with our own team of specialists, carry out their further operation in a safe manner. The specifics of our work also include arrangement for food facilities, accommodation of hundreds of people at facilities with no original infrastructure and very strict compliance with stringent HSE requirements. Very few can do the same in the market.

As of today, we fully comply with the requirements of such companies as Gazpromneft, Rosneft, Lukoil. 

List of services:

  • Oil and gas treatment service, a daily rate in exchange for commercial products
  • Production and supply of equipment (lease or sale)
  • Operation of equipment produced by other manufacturers (supervision installation, commissioning, construction and installation)
  • Supply of individual elements for well test operation system (separating equipment for degassing, dehydration and desalting; pump stations of various purpose; flare units, etc.)
  • Consulting in the area of individual equipment selection and design
  • Other services: motor transport services and lease of special vehicles, food and accommodation at the Far North facilities, upgrade of internals in separation equipment

Additional services

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