JSC Messoyakhaneftegaz, 2018-2019

Construction and installation activities for the project “Development of West-Messoyakhsky and East-Messoyakhsky fields. Field Support Base, Temporary Accommodation Complex, Repair and Maintenance Base of Service Companies of East-Messoyakhsky field. Construction of Facilities Under Stage 2, 3”

The East-Messoyakhsky field is fully autonomous. Mobilization/demobilization of equipment is
Проект АО possible only via a winter road in the period from January to the beginning of May. Air transport is the only way of communication with the work site in the remaining periods.

JSC ModulNefteGazEngineering performed the following under the project:

  • Construction and installation activities;
  • Full set of commissioning activities;
  • Purchase and delivery of equipment and materials not included in the scope of Client’s supply.

The list of activities included preparatory activities, works on the site of the temporary accommodation camp,Проект АО field support base, works at the repair and maintenance base of service companies, works on the site of packaged transformer substation 35/10 kV, works with linear facilities, other works and the stage of finalization.

Within the project JSC MNGE used 14 items of its own vehicles, including: vehicle-mounted cranes, semi-trailer trucks, low-bed semi-trailers, loader cranes, buses, excavators, loaders and a light vehicles with sides Mitsubishi L200.

Over 100 employees of JSC ModulNefteGazEngineering took part in the project.

Location: Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

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