Gazpromneft-Angara, LLC, 2016

Manufacture and supply of MIKONS mobile complex equipment, with a function of disposal of well fluids following a smokeless procedure, with a liquid capacity of 600 m3/day.    

List of supplied equipment:

  • Flare unit UGF-ZhU-24;
  • Compressors;
  • Pump unit;
  • Condensate drum KS-1 of line heater, fitted with pipelines, block and control valves, on a skid that can be transported;
  • Line heater mounted on wheels;
  • Emergency drain drum on a skid that can be transported;
  • Piping assembly on a skid that can be transported;
  • Heater pipelines fitted with block and control valves;
  • Standard interconnecting pipelines with quick release couplings (the length of one pipeline is 6,000 mm);
  • Non-standard interconnecting pipelines with quick release couplings (different length of pipelines);
  • Interconnecting piping on quick release couplings with portable supports;
  • Flexible hoses;
  • Electrical tracing system;
  • Block, control and safety valves;
  • Instruments;
  • Cable products.

All supplied equipment was manufactured in a climatic version “North”, location category 1 as per GOST 15150-69. Additionally, flexible hoses were provided to compensate for misalignment of vessel nozzles connected to interconnecting pipelines. All supplied components of the mobile complex can freely move along public roads thanks to allowable dimensions and special skid structures. Electric tracing and heat insulation are designed in such a way that ensures easy multiple assembly/disassembly of process lines. Easy installation of the complex without using cranes was also foreseen during the manufacture of the equipment. The cables of the complex are suitable for installation/dismounting at a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius.

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