JV Wolgodeminoil, LLC, 2019

Installation, commissioning and bringing to normal operation of a mobile produced water knockout unit

JSC MNGE completed a large scope of installation activities under the project. In addition to installation of prefabricated steel structures, vessels, packages, process pipelines inside the packages, installation and connection of interconnecting pipelines, including to/from tie-in points, the list of activities also included installation of process and cable racks, installation of block and control valves, installation of heat insulation for process pipelines, installation, termination and marking of interconnecting power and control cable networks, installation and termination of electric equipment and electrical tracing within the scope of process equipment supply. Installation activities also included work on APCS, in particular: installation, termination and marking of field instruments and instrumentation equipment, installation and termination of APCS workstations in accordance with the design, installation and termination of the automatic control system within the APCS, termination and marking of cable products inside packages, installation of ground wires for process equipment, electrical equipment, field instruments, cable screens, cable racks and other equipment requiring grounding within the scope of supply for the mobile produced water knockout unit.

In addition to installation activities, the project also included commissioning: Idle commissioning and commissioning under load for all systems of the unit, including process, electrical equipment, instrumentation, fire alarm, software debugging for automatic control system and workstation, individual and comprehensive tests of the unit (72 hours).

The installation activities were completed within 60 days from the moment of equipment supply. The commissioning activities required 30 more days from the moment of installation finalization.

As a result of the project, the Joint-Stock Company ModulNefteGazEngineering received positive feedback from JV Wolgodeminoil, LLC.

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