JV Wolgodeminoil, LLC, 2019

Supply of equipment for a mobile produced water knockout unit (MUPSV)

Originally the Client faced a challenge of reducing the water cut of well fluids from 60-70% to 5% in order to decrease the load on the oil transport pipeline. In addition to water separation, it was also necessary to treat the water before injecting it in an absorbing well. The required oil-in-water content after the treatment did not have to exceed 50 mg/l.

Under the project, JSC MNGE manufactured and supplied a mobile produced water knockout unit applied for the following process operations:

  • Intake of degassed crude oil after the first stage of separation from the existing oil/gas separator NGS-2 V=12.5 m3;
  • Separation of oil from residual non-associated gas and supply of the separated petroleum gas to the existing pipeline network for further transportation to the gas processing plant;
  • Separation of emulsion into crude oil with a water cut of up to 5% and free water, highest-quality separation of the separated produced water from oil products and solids;
  • Supply of oil to SIKNS (custody transfer station for crude oil) and further through Miroshniki Oil Heating Station along the pipeline transport system to the central processing facility within TPP Volgogradneftegaz of RITEK, LLC.
  • Emergency gas discharge to the existing gas vent system;
  • Automated metering of transported gas and produced water injected to the discharge system.

Parameters of MUPSV capacity: 

  • Liquid capacity, m3/day – 770...940;
  • Oil capacity, m3/day – 270...330;
  • Water capacity, m3/day – 500...600;
  • Gas capacity, nm3/day – 1978...4066;
  • Design pressure of equipment, MPa – 1.6;
  • Operating pressure of equipment, MPa – 0.7÷1.2;
  • Operating fluid – oil well fluids – oil, gas, water
  • Operating fluid temperature, 0C – 20;Проект АО
  • Oil density at a temperature of 200C, kg/m3 – 800.6;
  • Oil viscosity at 200C, max, mm2/s – 3.214;
  • Hydrogen sulphide in the operating fluid – 0.237%mol.;
  • Produced water density, kg/m3 – 1164.5;
  • Water content in oil, (%) volumetric – 65.

The mobile produced water knockout unit (MUPSV) was commissioned as planned in 2019.


The result of the project was water content in the outlet products of not more than 2.5%. The content of oil products in the separated water was an insignificant amount, substantially lower than 50 mg of oil per a liter of water.

As a result of the project, the Joint-Stock Company ModulNefteGazEngineering received positive feedback from JV Wolgodeminoil, LLC.

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