JSC Messoyakhaneftegaz, 2018-2020

Provision of services for the intake and treatment of well fluids containing oil at the East-Messoyakhsky field.

The East-Messoyakhsky field is fully autonomous. Mobilization/demobilization of equipment is possible only via a winter road in the period from January to the beginning of May. Air transport is the only way of communication with the work site in the remaining periods.

Notwithstanding severe climatic conditions, JSC MNGE was able to provide the whole range of services at a high level. As a result, the company was awarded a certificate of appreciation for “efficient cooperation in terms of contract execution management” (see below).

Intake and treatment of well fluids containing oil include intake, heating, liquid/gas separation, liquid and gas metering, disposal of liquid in wells, injection to the oil gathering header or loading through an oil loading rack. To execute the project and provide turn-key services, JSC MNGE manufactured 2 mobile MIKONS complexes and delivered them to the work site. The equipment included: a vertical gas separator V-4m3, product heaters with an intermediate heat transfer agent PP-063, a horizontal gas separator V-10m3, gate valves and manifolds, a chemical injection package, pumps, a flame arrester, a surge drum V-100m3 with electric tracing and separate levels of liquid intake (oil, water), a control package, a vessel for diesel fuel, traced interconnecting pipelines, an APCS system, accommodation portacabins.

The equipment of the complex was designed for operation in the arctic climate: HL or UHL type as per GOST 15150-69. Each complex heated well fluids to a temperature of not lower than 50 degrees Celsius. The main operating conditions of the complexes are given below.

Item No. Complex operating conditions Value
1 Reservoir ПК1-3 БУ22
2 Complex capacity, m3/day 30-500
3 Water content in well fluids, % 0-99%
4 GOR (up to), m3/m3 100 760

To carry out installation, commissioning and further activities during complexes operation, JSC MNGE provided its employees for the full period of the project with mobile accommodation (portacabins), mobile amenity rooms (drying room, WC, shower, bath house/sauna), mobile fitter’s and tool rooms, motor transport for personnel to move inside the field, food, drinking water, communications, protective clothes and personal protective equipment, etc.

Services period: 12 months, with subsequent prolongation.

Location: Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

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