Gazpromneft-Angara, LLC, 2018-2020

Provision of services for preparation and operation of 4 mobile complexes for well survey and development, with a function of well fluids loading and/or disposal

This project included standard services for equipment dismounting and installation, commissioning activities, obtaining a certificate of clearance and direct operation. The Client, Gazpromneft-Angara, LLC, has been making full use of the possibilities of mobile complexes for well survey and development for some years now. The indicated project included operation of 6 wells, with two relocations of equipment (dismounting of mobile complexes from certain wells and transfer, with subsequent installation and commissioning, to other wells).

Intake and treatment of well fluids containing oil include heating, liquid/gas separation, liquid and gas metering, liquid loading through an oil loading rack. The equipment included: vertical and horizontal gas separators, product heaters with an intermediate heat transfer agent, gate valves and manifolds, a chemical injection package, pumps, horizontal flare units, surge drums, pump packages, compressor units, control stations, vessels for diesel fuel, traced interconnecting pipelines, accommodation portacabins.

Services period: 2 years

Location: Irkutsk Region

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