JSC Messoyakhaneftegaz, 2017

Development of West-Messoyakhsky and East-Messoyakhsky fields. Field Support Base, Temporary Accommodation Complex, Repair and Maintenance Base of Service Companies of East-Messoyakhsky field. Anti-Corrosion and Heat Insulation Activities.

Project implementation

In addition to construction and installation activities, JSC MNGE had a number of additional liabilities under the contract. The Company delivered all construction machinery and consumables necessary for work execution to the Facility, unloaded, stored, repaired and carried out maintenance of vehicles and machinery.

In general, the project included the following anti-corrosion activities:

  • Primary mechanical cleaning of surfaces,
  • Cleaning with silica sand,
  • De-dusting of surfaces,
  • De-greasing of surfaces,
  • Application of a primer on metal surfaces,
  • Painting of the primed surfaces.

As for heat insulation activities, the project included:

  • Covering of pipeline insulation surfaces with galvanized steel,
  • Insulation of pipelines with cylinders and semi-cylinders made from mineral wool,
  • Insulation of flat and curved surfaces with mineral wool mats,
  • Works with scaffolding,
  • Installation and dismounting of fans,
  • Disassembly of heat insulation.
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