Gazpromneft-Angara, LLC, 2017

Provision of services for preparation and operation of mobile and fixed complexes for well pilot operation, with a function of well fluids loading and disposal.

Project implementation

Services related to installation, supervision installation and commissioning of equipment for 3 mobile and 3 fixed complexes were provided under the project. Preparatory works exclusively took 7 days.

All works were carried out in accordance with a production program. Qualified and trained personnel of JSC MNGE accepted equipment of well pilot operation complexes, as well as the territory of well sites against a handover/acceptance certificate to provide services related to the preparation of the mobile complexes for operation.

After preparing the equipment for operation (including commissioning and supervision installation activities), the personnel carried out comprehensive tests of the installed fixed and mobile complexes, checked the status of the equipment and tightness of piping, cleaned the equipment, cleaned the territory, brought mechanical seals in compliance.

Then the specialists of JSC MNGE carried out process operations and monitored operating parameters of the complexes (as per regulations and operating manuals), adjusted collection, registration, storage and daily handover of process and other information obtained as a result of works at the complexes to the Client.

Services of 24/7 operation included sampling of well fluids through sampling  devices (if necessary), operations for the disposal of well fluids at the flare following a smokeless procedure, oil loading into tank trucks in accordance with “Standard operation procedure IP No. 01-09 for oil loading into tank trucks and mobile vessels at a specially equipped storage facility”.

The work program included dismounting and mobilization of complexes, regular maintenance of equipment used for wells pilot operation, preventive repairs and other kinds of activities.

Project duration: 365 days.

Location: Irkutsk Region

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