Ufa Compressor Plant, LLC

Development of design documentation for the project “Compressed natural gas filling stations for motor vehicles”.


Final objective of the Client: construction of a filling station for in-house vehicles to reduce expenses for fuel and lubricants during operation of the motor vehicles and negative impact on the environment.


  • Collection of input data for design (with involvement of Subcontractors). It includes the following stages: topographical activities, geotechnical activities, environmental activities, hydrometeorological activities, study of specifications for the connection to utilities, approval of engineering solutions.
  • Development and handover of design documentation
  • Assistance during expert review of the design documentation
  • Development and handover of detailed design documentation to the Client, including a set of detailed design drawings, a cost estimate for the construction of capital construction facilities

Project implementation

In the course of the project the following was foreseen:

  • An area with hard non-combustible surface for the installation of automated gas filling station modules – 2 pcs.
  • Connection of the gas filling station modules to the gas distribution pipeline system
  • Connection of the gas filling station modules to the power supply networks

Climatic conditions of operation were also taken into account during the project:

  • Ambient air temperature
  • Seismic activity

Project duration: 54 work days

Location: The Republic of Bashkortostan

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