Gazpromneft-Angara, LLC, 2016

Analysis of well fluid properties for Ignyalinsky License Area and development of a diagram for well fluids treatment to meet commercial quality.   


Determine a process diagram for well fluids treatment to meet commercial quality.

Contents of the works

First the employees of JSC MNGE took samples from wells within Ignyalinsky License Area. The samples underwent laboratory analyses of physical and chemical properties. A number of demulsifiers were tried, samples were heated, a process of water settlement was reviewed. As a result of the investigation, the employees of JSC MNGE modeled a process of water/oil emulsion separation under various conditions.

The Client received a final report with recommendations for separation of water/oil emulsion and the prepared process diagram with the required equipment for an oil treatment unit. The report was approved after a review at a Science and Engineering Board of Gapromneft-Angara, LLC.

Location: Irkutsk Region

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