Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz, LLC

Brief description of the project:

Full set of services for the construction of a mobile oil treatment unit on the right bank of the Podkamennaya Tunguska river, Kuyumbinsky field, Slavneft-Krasnoyarskneftegaz, LLC.

  • Installation of equipment in design positions
  • Welding, installation, painting, electrical and heat insulation activities
  • Commissioning activities


Development of Kuyumbinsky field. Oil Treatment Unit on the Right Bank of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River.


  • Purchase and supply of consumables
  • Installation activities in accordance with the Technical Assignment, including tests
  • Fulfilling liabilities under the contract within a Guarantee Period

Originally the Client provided a site with vertical planning, filling, compacting, with reinforced concrete slabs, pile foundations under Terminal Separation Unit and Combined Flare Unit, with prepared heads and caps for installation of steel structures. JSC MNGE also had a mobile oil treatment unit available, consisting of maximally prefabricated modules, fitted with bearing support structures, cable racks, process pipelines with block and control valves.

Composition of the Mobile Oil Treatment Unit installed by JSC MNGE


Mobile oil treatment unit equipment:



Chemical injection package

Flow equalizing header with a flow straightener/slug catcher

Inlet separator

Heater with liquid fuel treatment unit

Three-phase separators

Water settler


Terminal separation unit, including steel structures of pipe racks and supports of the terminal separation unit

Oil custody transfer metering system

Export pump station

Installation of a cantilever centrifugal pump

Internal transport pump station

Fresh water vessel

Fresh wash water and dewatering pump station

Drain drums

Control room

Express laboratory

Chemical injection package

Fuel gas treatment unit

Gas control unit

Combined flare unit

Tubular gas expander

Drain drums

Gas custody transfer metering systems


Outdoor lighting fixtures

Field instrumentation


Connection of grounding circuits


Gas and fire detectors


All cable products

Interconnecting pipelines of the mobile oil treatment unit


Walkways and maintenance platforms

Hydraulic tests of the installed vessels and pipelines


Electrical tests of cable products after laying


Non-destructive testing of welding connections


Other tests


Additional activities:

  • Mobilization/demobilization of an accommodation camp, inventory, tools and equipment
  • Travel, accommodation, food, protective clothes and personal protective equipment for working personnel
  • All required working tools and equipment for construction and installation activities for the whole period of activities
  • Operation of special vehicles

27 employees of JSC MNGE took part in the project.

Location: Krasnoyarsk region, Russia


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