NTS Leader, LLC

Since 2015 till now JSC MNGE has been providing services for loading/unloading and transportation of tubing to fields of OJSC Verkhnechonskneftegaz, using its own vehicles.

5 vehicles with qualified personnel were provided for 5 years.

The list of obligatory requirements included the following:

  • Movement in the territory of services provision in accordance with a traffic diagram of the corresponding territory;
  • The involved employees shall have adequate qualification, shall be trained and certified (including availability of adequate winter driving skills);
  • Obligatory availability of protective clothes, personal protective equipment in proper scope and condition, additional personal protective equipment (hard hats, protective boots, protective clothes) in case of operation in locations with hazardous and harmful production factors;
  • Strict compliance with road traffic rules, regular planned maintenance;
  • Availability of special spark arresters on exhaust pipes.

Location: Irkutsk Region.


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