Provision of cargo transportation services along a heavy-going route Ust-Kut – Ignyalinsky Licence Area – remote well pads.

First the route went via a toll road along the East Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline from Ust-Kut to the Ignyalinsky License Area. Then there was transshipment to a crawler snow and swamp buggy. The cargo delivery was completed by going 90 km in off-road conditions to remote well pads. The following was used during provision of services:

  • Crawler snow and swamp going vehicle Vityaz, 1 pc.
  • Cross-country Kamaz with a capacity of 20 tonnes, 1 pc.

Mainly the transported cargoes consisted of containers, power modules, power transformers, top drive systems, diesel fuel.

Location: Irkutsk Region.


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