Mobile test complex for oil and gas condensate wells development (MIKONS)

Availability of MIKONS at an early stage of exploratory or operating wells tests, under conditions of no infrastructure and autonomy, having a well producing fluids, makes it possible to test and operate the well, as well as to ensure operation of a mobile power center on the basis of gas, gas turbine or diesel equipment, thus developing any required infrastructure on the principle of a LEGO construction set.

JSC ModulNefteGazEngineering, being a developer and manufacturer of the MIKONS mobile complexes, as well as the company carrying out their maintenance and operation, constantly makes changes to technical characteristics of equipment, improves its design, thus improving its operating properties.

MIKONS at the production base of JSC MNGE

MIKONS at the production base of JSC MNGE

Therefore, in the process of operation, installation/dismounting and relocation of equipment the following occurs: we improve support structures balancing the equipment in three planes, we add swivel blocks dividing the equipment into functional units and making it possible to rotate, combine and fit the equipment in the existing dimensions of sites in an optimum way. We add flexible inserts compensating for difference in elevations due to soils heaving, difference in pressure and temperature, thus we do not need to use pile foundations and metal-consuming expansion joints adding a possibility of compensation for misalignment of the equipment during assembly.


A metering complex for the operation of a single well can be installed within about 5 days, a mini oil treatment unit on the basis of MIKONS can be installed within 60-90 days!

Since there is no need to apply pile foundations during the installation of equipment, which is supplied prefabricated as much as possible, the cost of construction and installation activities is reduced several-fold. Even in cases when it is not possible to avoid the use of pile foundations due to instable soils, the expenses for the complex installation will reduce significantly due to minimum time of its execution.

Special mention must be made of the main MIKONS advantage that makes it possible to avoid a risk of subsoil users and investors from unjustified investment of funds in expensive design documentation, in development of fields and construction of capital facilities at the stage of pilot operation or pilot development of fields. If recoverable reserves are not confirmed, the equipment of the mobile complex can be dismounted and transported to another field or license area, which minimizes unjustified expenses (for dismounting and transportation).

MIKONS is designed and manufactured in full compliance with Federal Law No. 116-FZ dated 21.07.1997 (rev. dated 25.03.2017) “On industrial safety of hazardous industrial facilities”, the equipment has a certificate of compliance with the requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 010/2011 “On safety of machines and equipment”.

Technical Characteristics


Possible typical sizes










Range of liquid capacity, m3/day

from 20

up to 200

from 50

up to 500

from 100

up to 1000

from 200

up to 2000

Maximum gas capacity (under normal conditions), thous. m3/day

from 1

up to 50

from 2.5

up to 150

from 5

up to 500

from 10

up to 800

Operating fluid

Oil, gas, water, condensate.

Fluid temperature, °C

from – 40 up to +60оС

Operating pressure, inlet flow, MPa

from 0 up to 32 MPa.

Operating pressure, vessel, MPa

from 0 up to 16 MPa.

– the parameter changes based on a request of the Client or in the process of issuing vendor documentation by the manufacturer

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