Vertical units

A vertical flare unit is a facility used to burn petroleum and natural gas in continuous or emergency modes. It is used by oil producers, oil refineries and chemical plants. The Joint-Stock Company ModulNefteGazEngineering sells a range of open-type flare equipment for different spheres.

Kinds of units

Flare units used to burn gas are divided into four types in the catalog of the company. They are different in their structure and functions.


Single-stack units. A standard and cost-efficient option for general use. Such models have a simple and reliable structure, a minimum set of functions.

Мобильная вертикальная факельная установка

Мобильная вертикальная факельная установка


They differ from UF by having two or more combined stacks. Possibilities: simultaneous burning of low and high pressure gases, mixing of the burned gas with steam. With higher concentration of the steam, the volume of soot decreases, hazard to the environment is reduced.


Structures with combined stacks equipped with a mechanism for their lowering into a horizontal position. The function is used for convenient and safe maintenance.


Equipment is fitted with lifting mechanisms to lower flare tips. Just like in the case of UFSO, these mechanisms are used during maintenance.

схемы вертикальных факельных установок

Structure of a vertical flare unit

The equipment includes a vertical stack with a tip and a burner at the end. Before being burned, gas goes through a separator, where suspended particles and drops are removed. Then the gas goes along the pipeline inside the stack up to the tip, where it is burned by one or several burners. The structure of the unit also includes the following elements:

  • Condensate drainage;
  • Instruments;
  • Pumps, pipelines, dampers, valves;
  • Firefighting system, alarm;
  • Ignition and flame monitoring instruments.

The number of the main and additional burners is defined depending on the diameter of the flare tip. With a diameter of up to 250 mm, one burner is enough, but large modifications from 1,600 mm require not less than five burners. The unit may also include platforms and ladders for maintenance, wind protection and other elements in accordance with the project.

Technical data

Operating fluid

Natural, petroleum gas and other combustible gases

Gas capacity, thous.nm3/day 1 to 8,000

Fuel gas flow rate to pilot burners, nm3/h 1.5 to 16

Flare stack diameter, mm

from 150 to 1400

Flare unit height, m

from 10 to 120

Life time, min, years


Advantages of vertical units manufactured by the Joint-Stock Company ModulNefteGazEngineering

Equipment of JSC MNGE for burning of natural and petroleum gas has a number of advantages:

  • Stable combustion of fuel without leakages in the flame;
  • Compliance with the requirements of environmental laws;
  • Full combustion with minimum volume of waste;
  • Protection from air ingress to pipelines through the tip;
  • Long life time – min. 30 years.

The use of our units will lower the density of the gas flow and ensure safety for the facility in case of pressure surges.

Reasons to select us

JSC MNGE has vertical flare units for various spheres of application. We have certificates of conformity with international standards ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007. This guarantees reliability, quality and long life time of the flare units.

Do you want to place an order or do you have any questions? Leave an application – we will offer you a suitable solution.

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