Condensate drums (KS)

It is customary to use condensate drums to gather and remove condensing vapors and heavy hydrocarbons from gas pipelines. This device is a small vessel applied to prevent gas condensate from getting into gas-using equipment. The risk of damaging such equipment is minimized with these devices. Condensate drums of JSC MNGE can be installed on gas pipelines with any pressure.

Condensate drums of JSC MNGE

Condensate drums manufactured by the Joint-Stock Company ModulNefteGazEngineering gather gas condensate and remove excessive liquid from gas pipelines. Gas supply in the system improves due to this. JSC MNGE offers condensate drums of different diameters for operation in gas pipelines with different levels of pressure.

Our equipment removes steam condensate and increases the safety level of gas supply systems. Thanks to the application of condensate drums manufactured by JSC MNGE, operation of gas pipelines normalizes not only in detached houses or apartment blocks, but at industrial facilities as well.

Конденсатосборники (КС)

Конденсатосборники (КС)

Technical Characteristics

Before buying condensate drums, pay attention to the following technical characteristics:

  • Required volume of the device;
  • Range of operating temperatures;
  • Level of operating pressure;
  • Condensate drum material.

When selecting a condensate drum, it is also important to take into account the type of equipment and peculiarities of its design. The structure of most devices will be more or less the same:

  • Drum gathering condensate;
  • Purge pipes;
  • One or several nozzles connecting the vessel and the pipes;
  • Control unit.

Medium and high pressure condensate drums can be additionally equipped with a protective tube and a special valve installed on the internal downpipe.

Advantages of condensate drums manufactured by JSC MNGE

Condensate drums can be purchased in the Joint-Stock Company ModulNefteGazEngineering. Our specialists will not only design and manufacture this device, but will also install it in accordance with the applicable requirements. You can order condensate drums of JSC MNGE by leaving an application on the website or by phone + 7 (347) 216-10-01 (ext. 104).

An example of KS identification for an order and other documents:

  • KS-0.01-1.6-T-I-P-HL1 as per TU 3615-003-22642986-2016,
  • where 0.01 – nominal volume, m3;
  • 6 – design pressure, MPa;
  • T – heat treatment;
  • I – devices fixing heat insulation;
  • P – internal anti-corrosion coating;
  • HL1 – climatic design.

Parameters and dimensions of equipment


Technical data

Outer diameter of equipment, mm






Height (length) of equipment, mm






Volume, m3






Design pressure, MPa

0,6; 1,0; 1,6; 2,5; 4,0; 6,3; 8,0; 8,8; 10,0; 12,0; 14,0; 16,0

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