Terminal separation unit (KSU)


A terminal separation unit is used for ultimate separation of oil coming to the central oil, gas and water gathering and treatment facility, as well as for preliminary knockout of produced water. The unit has one or several separators installed on pedestals, process piping as well as monitoring and automation instruments.

Due to the difference in elevations thanks to the installation on pedestals, products flow to desalters, storage vessels or other equipment installed downstream of the terminal separation unit in a process train.

The operating conditions and the operating fluid impact the manufactured separators. Depending on the values of parameters, the equipment can be manufactured with heat treatment and without heat treatment, with heat insulation fixing nodes and without them.

Upon a request, the terminal separation units can be fitted with piping, a maintenance platform, a set of block valves and instrumentation.

Technical data

Equipment code Volume, m3 Design pressure, MPa H, mm
KSU 0.6-1200
internal defoaming packing
6,3 0,6 up to 50000
KSU 0.6-1200
internal defoaming packing
6,3 0,6 up to 5000


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