Flare knock-out drums (FS)

Flare knock-out drums (FS) are used by all oil and gas producing enterprises, as well as by companies processing oil products. They are required for primary separation of the transported fluid from contaminations and liquid drops. Such units are included in gas treatment systems, gas control units and distribution networks ensuring provision of a highly purified fuel.

Structural peculiarities and purpose of flare knock-out drums

Any flare knock-out drum is a horizontal cylindrical vessel with elliptical heads and a special support fixing it to the base platform. Such equipment includes block and safety valves, instruments (pressure gages, valves, thermometers), as well as nozzles for operating fluid inlet/outlet and manholes on a mandatory basis.

факельный сепаратор

факельный сепаратор

Special anchor bolts fixing the vessel to a reinforced concrete slab located in an open area or in a heated building are used for solid fixture of the flare knock-out drum. In some cases the KO drums are fitted with additional heat insulation to ensure reliable heat insulation of the internal fluid. The main purpose of a flare KO drum is efficient separation of a gaseous fluid from liquid drops, slugs and solids.

Operating principle of a flare KO drum and system design options

Regardless of structural design, any flare KO drum has vertical and angular mesh packings. When a gas/liquid mixture goes through them, it is distributed uniformly under the action of pressure. This makes part of liquid drops separate, and they flow through a special nozzle located in the lower part of the vessel.

As for classification, flare KO drums of a packaged design are divided into vertical, horizontal and hydrocyclones, which are distinguished by their design form. When selecting a suitable KO drum modification, it is required to take into account the following:

  • Volume of the cylindrical vessel
  • Climatic design
  • Additional heat treatment
  • Design pressure
  • Anti-corrosion coating

Our company, JSC ModulNefteGazEngineering, is a leading developer and manufacturer of flare KO drums in Russia offering products of high quality. Our catalog includes a wide range of these gas and oil treatment units, which differ in their internal diameter, volume and capacity, which makes it possible to easily select the needed model depending on the required parameters.

Advantages of our company:

  • High quality of manufactured flare KO drums complying with the requirements of GOST 24885—91 and TU 3615-003-22642986-2016, which is confirmed by certificates.
  • Reasonable prices, because we are a direct manufacturer of such units
  • Delivery, installation and connection of KO drums on a turnkey basis, since our company provides a wide range of services, including installation of all systems
  • Individual approach and advising the Client on the selection of the most suitable models of KO drums

We have been developing and creating flare KO drums for many years and guarantee a responsible approach from our side. You can leave an application for the purchase of the equipment by phone +7 (347) 216-10-01 at any time convenient for you.


An example of products identification: flare KO drum FS-4-1.0-T-I-P-HL1 as per TU 3615-003-22642986-2016, where:

  • 4 – KO drum volume, m3;
  • 0 – KO drum design pressure, MPa;
  • T – heat treatment;
  • I – devices fixing heat insulation;
  • P – internal anti-corrosion coating;
  • HL1 – climatic design.

Parameters and dimensions of equipment

Parameters Typical dimensions









Internal diameter of equipment, D, mm









Equipment volume, m3









Capacity (Q1) under a pressure of 0.05 MPa and a temperature of 20 ºC, thous. m3/day,









Design temperature of body wall, ºC


Design pressure, MPa

0,6; 1,0; 1,6; 2,5

Other dimensions and parameters of equipment are possible upon Client’s request.

Slug catchers (UPOG) are used for preliminary degassing of well fluids. Slug catchers can have external anti-corrosion coating, heat insulation and electrical tracing, maintenance platforms, lighting, piping, block, control and safety valves, instrumentation. Slug catchers are installed upstream of the first stage of separation and can fulfill a function of a flow stabilizer.




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