Pump stations

An oil pump station is often used within oil products gathering and treatment systems. Such equipment is used to feed treated oil to field pipelines. A special-purpose pump station can be used for transfer on site and export of oil, oil products and condensate.


The sphere of pump station application (oil) is mainly defined by the following characteristics:

  • Capacity of one pump. It amounts to 13-300 cubic meters per hour.
  • Ambient temperature range. The station can function normally at a temperature of -60 to +50 degrees.
  • Head parameters. It amounts to 70-540 meters of a water jet.
  • Fire rating as per SNiP. The equipment has fire rating 3.
  • Temperature of air masses inside the package. This parameter shall be not lower than +5 degrees.
  • Fire and explosion safety category of the building (A).

The listed technical characteristics influence the cost of equipment sold by us, however, the price remains reasonable for a wide range of clients.

Parameters and application

An oil pump station is equipped with special-purpose filtering elements, piping and block valves depending on the requirements of the Client.

Such equipment can be installed in a special shelter or on an open skid. Its distinctive feature is a variety of structural designs.

Shelters are equipped with lifting mechanisms, an electrical or water heating system, lighting and ventilation systems, a gas detection system and fire alarm detectors.

The use inside a single production building is allowed. In this case the units are connected to one another. Such facility can include two and more pumps.

Advantages of work with us

  • Taking maximum account of Client’s requests. The composition and technical characteristics of equipment are defined depending on the requests.
  • A comprehensive approach to tackling of Client’s challenges. The specialists of JSC MNGE always have a broader look on the problem and can offer significant improvements of the existing Client’s oil and gas gathering and treatment system for a reasonable price. We are ready to work for the result.
  • The quality of our products appears to exceed the Client’s expectations and requirements.
  • The most stringent attention to HSE issues.

You can apply to JSC MNGE by leaving an application on the website or by phone + 7 (347) 216-10-01 (ext. 104).

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