Chemical injection packages

It is customary to use chemical injection packages (BDR) to ensure automated feed and dosed injection of various liquid chemicals to process and field oil and gas pipelines. The use of this equipment makes it possible to break oil emulsions in pipelines and protect the walls of pipelines from corrosion. Liquid demulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors are used as chemicals in chemical injection packages. These chemicals also prevent salts and paraffin from depositing on the walls of oil and gas pipelines.

Corrosion inhibitors supplied with chemical injection packages protect the internal surfaces of pipelines from adverse effects of gas and oil products. The life time of pipelines becomes significantly longer due to this.

Operating conditions

The chemical injection package manufactured by JSC MNGE is used for operation in regions with temperate, boreal and cold climate.


блок дозирования реагентов бдр

блок дозирования реагентов бдр

Structural peculiarities

Chemical injection packages have the form of dosing pumps feeding the required amount of a cleaning agent which is then injected in a process fluid. This equipment consists of the following components:

  • Plunger or membrane dosing equipment ensuring constant volumetric dosing of corrosion inhibitors and liquid demulsifiers.
  • A gear pump filling an internal holding tank with the chemical to be mixed in the tank;
  • An internal holding tank for the storage and heating of the required amount of the chemical;
  • Piping;
  • Ventilation system;
  • Instruments and automation.

Characteristics of the chemical injection packages

Having decided to buy a chemical injection package in the company ModulNefteGazEngineering, you should pay attention to technical characteristics of the equipment. When selecting a suitable design of the chemical injection package, it is necessary to take into account the number of dosing pumps, the volume of the holding tank, as well as parameters of chemical nominal feed and maximum injection pressure. You should also take into account the operating temperature and the type of climatic design for the chemical injection package.

Advantages of placing an order for a chemical injection package with JSC MNGE

The Joint-Stock Company ModulNefteGazEngineering will be glad to help you select and buy a suitable model of the chemical injection package. To place an order, leave an application on our website or call us by phone +7 (347) 216-10-01 (ext. 104). As a manufacturer and supplier of equipment, we can offer flexible prices for the BDR chemical injection packages, as well as other required equipment and services. The position of JSC MNGE consists in our desire to tackle challenges set by the Client in a comprehensive turnkey way, but we are ready to assist you in small issues as well.

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