At the present time oil, gas and gas condensate fields are developed in hard-to-access places that, as a rule, do not have infrastructure, motor and railway roads, with no production support and power centers.

Мобильный исследовательский комплекс для освоения нефтегазовых скважин (МИКОНС)

In such conditions it is necessary to apply hi-technology and, at the same time, general-purpose equipment able to perform a wide range of tasks. With this purpose, JSC MNGE has developed a mobile test complex for oil and gas wells development (MIKONS). Equipment similar to the mobile test complexes for oil and gas wells development includes mobile well development and survey packages (PKIOS), mobile well development complexes (MKOS), small-scale separation and loading packages (MBSNU), mobile oil treatment units (MUPN). 

The mobile metering complex MIKONS is used to:

  • Measure productivity of oil, gas and gas condensate wells under different operating modes (flow rates, temperatures, pressures);
  • Separate, treat, heat, cool the fluids from oil, gas and gas condensate wells (treat oil, gas and water to the requirements of OST, GOST, etc.), with their subsequent feed to the oil collection system of the fields, or with subsequent loading to tank trucks, or disposal at the flares;
  • Treat gas for auxiliary purposes, or for the supply to a gas transportation system. Disposal or burning at the flare are also possible;
  • Treat water to be used in the reservoir pressure maintenance system, or to be loaded in tank trucks, or to be disposed of at the flare unit;
  • Develop remote oil, gas and gas condensate fields during tests of new or existing wells;
  • Generate heat and electric power, store well fluids on a temporary basis, create primary infrastructure, field support bases, etc.

MIKONS equipment can be installed on various bases: on a skid, on a sledge, on wheels or on a semi-trailer of a four-wheel drive vehicle, a tractor trailer with screw bearings, placed either without a shelter (open version) or in a shelter or a heated modularized container.

At the moment a set of MIKONS equipment with minimum weight and dimensions has been developed for research and development of gas condensate wells, which makes it possible to mobilize the equipment using helicopters MI-8.

Костюхин А.В.Chief Engineer
Artem Kostyukhin

MIKONS is fitted with equipment depending on functions it performs, it can be used as: a separation/loading unit, a test separator, a free water knock-out drum, an oil and water treatment unit, a gas treatment unit, a booster pump station, etc.


Flare equipment

Separation equipment

Oil/gas separators, upgraded (NGS)

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Automated oil/gas separators with water knockout (NGSV)

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Oil settlers (ON)

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Terminal separation unit (KSU)

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Condensate drums (KS)

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Desalters (EDG)

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Water settlers (OV)

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Gas separators (GS)

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Centrifugal gas separators (GSC)

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Flare knock-out drums (FS)

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Packaged equipment


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