6May, 2020

Rimal Khamatzyanov

Oil and gas production operator, grade 5Хаматзянов Рималь

I came to JSC ModulNefteGazEngineering in April of 2018. I came to the production area as grade 5 oil and gas production operator right along, and I still continue working on this position.

Earlier I had experience of work in the commercial function of the company not related to oil production, I was in charge of sales organization. But since I graduated from Ufa State Petroleum Technical University with a major in oil and gas field development and operation, on the inside I wanted to return to my vocation. I quit the commercial function and started to look for a job according to my profession. I didn’t study in the university for 5 years in vain. I worked as an oil and gas production foreman in Lukoil, and now I came to MNGE. The sphere is the same.

It was important for me to work in long work trips. I was sick of living “on the ground” as they say. The schedule is convenient for me, because I am single. 45/45 is an ideal balance of personal and work time.

Of course, during my employment I made inquiries about the conditions of work, food, accommodation. When I came to work for the first time, I saw that we have our own clean mess room. It was opened exactly in that period from scratch.  It is nice that it still takes the first place in terms of the quality of service in the East-Messoyakhsky field. By the way, it is the second year in a row based on the estimation of JSC Messoyakhaneftegaz. We live in portacabins, 4 persons in each. The portacabins are okay. We have microwave ovens, kettles. It is warm inside. If you want to get a wash, go ahead, we have shower rooms and a bath house with a sauna. As for entertainment, it is the same like everywhere in the modern world: the Internet. Mobile connection is good. In the evenings I can talk with my relatives. After work I read books: I have finished A. Chekhov, F. Cooper recently.

We have protective clothes. They are warm, which is important. The department of supplies orders them for oil and gas production exactly. It is not like this everywhere. In general, we work outdoors, there are good guys in the staff. We see the results of our work – salary deposits on our bank cards :) All this together fills us with energy and adds a desire to work, to achieve something.

Here at the facility, JSC MNGE is a service provider to JSC Messoyakhaneftegaz now. We follow up their contract: heat and separate gas for further injection in the central header. We work in constant close collaboration with workers of Gazpromneft, directly with oil and gas production shop, as well as with other contractors. We control well operating modes and combine them with unit operation. As for our unit in particular, 4 persons work there. The process is continuous, since well fluids are produced without interruptions.Хаматзянов Рималь Зуфарович

My typical working day usually includes:

A trip from the base to the well pads, shift takeover with messages about changes, acceptance of tasks, including field assignments of the management. During the whole shift I monitor the work of process units (separators, heaters, pumps and compressors), maintain the pre-set operating mode. I regularly take instrument readings, collect samples according to the approved schedule, walk around pipelines in allowable areas and check their status. I fill in logs and reports. I work with chemicals, monitor their doses, fill them, carry out chemical treatment of process units according to the approved schedule.

Of course, everything shall be done in compliance with obligatory industrial safety, oil and gas industry and environment protection requirements. You can not do anything without it in the North.

Infantile guys will not be able to work here: in any company (not only in JSC MNGE) there can be different difficulties, situations which you shall just face as another task. Not as a problem, but as a task: you try to understand, find reasons, tackle it, make an analysis and conclusions for the future. I am a positive person, and I know, and my management knows, that my qualification, my competence are at a decent level, and this, of course, directly impacts my self-esteem.

We don’t have boasting, or accusations, or unfair criticism, or unclear de-bonusing between our staff members.  It is not seldom that I have to explain to my colleagues how to treat this or that event in their lives, because people do not see themselves as others see them. They commit inconsistent actions, and then complain. So it turns out that you are also a mentor sometimes. For example, my friend has told me recently that he is sick of his job, he constantly has to work late, his salary is low. One can give self-evident advice: “Find another job”. Or one can just hear him out in silence. All this will not help or will lead to a protest.

A person who thinks like a mentor will start with questions: “What exactly don’t you like in your work? What would you like to do? What work makes you happy? How do you see your ideal job?”

A mentor helps a person to become an adult not in terms of his age, but in terms of his way of thinking:

  • to learn how to tackle his problems on his own;Хаматзянов Рималь
  • take responsibility for his actions;
  • do critical thinking;
  • ask the right questions to himself and to others;
  • come to agreements with other people;
  • approach tasks with creativity and make up unique ways of their solution.


I am glad that my vision of mentoring and the vision of mentoring of our management in JSC ModulNefteGazEngineering are the same.

Out of my experience I can tell the following: many managers think that it is not necessary to praise the best workers with strong inner motivation. But everybody likes even a mere slap on the shoulder, including employees who work hard and devote themselves to the common goal. In general, acknowledgment and public praise are things that I would most of all like in the company. And the last thing that I want to tell everybody who will apply for a job in JSC MNGE: If you do it right, it will turn out to be right :) I like to repeat this expression both in everyday life, to my relatives, and at work, to my colleagues. That is because I am committed to this principle myself.

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