14May, 2020

Irina Karimova

Head of HSE Department

Каримова Ирина

I have been working in JSC MNGE since December of 2017. Before that I worked in the structure of Gazprom since 2009, in one of affiliates, for HSE department.

Since 2015 I have also been working part time in Ufa State Petroleum Technical University, in the Institute of Further Vocational Education, for advanced training and occupational retraining of managers and specialists in the field of industrial safety.   

I represent the second generation of our family in the oil and gas industry. Taking into account the authority of my parents, I selected my profession under their influence to a great extent. During all my childhood I was going with my father to different pipeline routes, I saw how gas transportation systems are operated, how emergencies are eliminated, how strict requirements for industrial safety and for production personnel are in the operation of complicated engineering systems.

In 2005 I entered Ufa State Petroleum Technical University with a major in “Safety of processes and production (oil and gas industry)”, I underwent all my practical trainings at production sites learning and getting used to the specifics of this activity.

And already in 2009, after participation in a scientific and technical conference, I was invited to work in one of the affiliates of Gazprom, where accurate and competent professionals took me under their wing and helped to understand the main requirements of industrial safety, for which I am very grateful to them.

In 2017 I came to JSC MNGE and passed an interview with the General Director and the Chief Engineer.

Now I have 3 subordinate HSE specialists. Our team is in charge of the most important issues in JSC MNGE: saving lives and preserving health of workers in the process of production activities, monitoring the compliance with RF legislation in the field of industrial and environmental safety, occupational health and civil defense. We are in constant close collaboration with medical institutions, training centers, regulatory authorities. With our direct participation, the Company arranged safe operation of hazardous production facilities in accordance with FZ-116.

In the last years we have had a lot to be proud of. Thanks to well-coordinated work of all departments, our Company was awarded 3 certificates of appreciation/acknowledgment by the Client during the last year. Every HSE department worker was given a personal certificate of acknowledgment by the Client’s General Director for their personal contribution to HSE.

It is very difficult to maintain the HSE rating, especially with such competent and demanding clients as PJSC Gazpromneft!

As of today, JSC MNGE is in the green rating zone for contractors of PJSC Gazpromneft: we have 100 out of possible 100 points for industrial safety, health and environment protection. We have created a strong team for electrical safety, we do not have violations included in the TOP-12 of electrical safety violations. In general, for the last years we have entered a completely new HSE level. It should be noted that every year the Client requirements become more and more strict and up-to-date, and it means that we should get better even faster to improve our rating.  


I love and respect my profession, I strive to advance in it, JSC MNGE has a very modern and interesting field of activity, the Client is highly demanding, he creates rigid boundaries, specifies potential fines... All this also disciplines. People behave in a more strict manner, the production activities are put into boundaries.

My typical working day is quite standard: I set myself a plan, analyze which main issues need to be tackled, what we shall do today, what Client comments we have for our functions and departments.  I distribute work among specialists. I check how colleagues have completed my previous tasks. Negotiations, communication with the Client, work with documents.

I would like to note that today many companies try to save money at the expense of HSE, but JSC MNGE has a definite desire to comply with high Client standards. Here I have never heard a refusal to my HSE initiatives from the managers, I feel a great desire of the Owners to progress, and to make the personnel and the Company as a whole progress as well.

We willingly undergo constant training from the Client and our internal corporate training programs containing advanced HSE ideas and standards.

It is nice to work with specialists competent in their narrow fields who can work in a multitasking mode. A clean modern office, good atmosphere. Although there is always a fly in the ointment... Insistence of the management on high standards sometimes becomes extreme, so you can not just hide covered in your papers here. But for me this is even good!  

Of course, there are always some things that you would like to change. The same is true for JSC MNGE. For example, now we have a shortage of qualified specialists in the market. At the moment we have to tackle big tasks with a comparatively small number of employees. I would like to enhance the team of JSC MNGE with new and energetic employees, because we have more and more new contracts and ambitious tasks.


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