30December, 2020

Valery Kalabugin

Area Supervisor

I came to the company at the end of 2016. First I came to a position of an oil field equipment mechanic, but in a short time I was appointed an area supervisor. My previous experience was important, I have been working in the upstream sector for 38 years. I have visited so many places: Novy Urengoy, Talakan, Nyagan, Norilsk, Kogalym, etc. I have traveled around almost all North. Earlier I worked more with gas and gas condensate, but recently it has been oil.

I like to work in JSC MNGE, I feel that I am on my place here, I do a good job, which is needed. I recommend my guys, I am well regarded here, people respect and appreciate me. Earlier I worked in Gazprom, Bashneft, I have experience of work with foreigners, Canadians, for example. But although everything is established in such companies: regulations, rules, fines, the atmosphere is better for me in JSC MNGE. After all, I am a pensioner, and I have lived all my life in the Far North. In general, out of my experience, I can tell, that it is okay in JSC MNGE for those who are used to working in long work trips. Mobile connection is good, the Internet is available, quality of food is strictly monitored, protective clothes are available, living conditions are provided.


You know, work in the Far North is not even just work. This is a way of life. I can not explain it. Every time when I come back from a long work trip I think: “I will not go there any more”, but in 2 months I call and ask: Is there any work in the North?

The work is seasonal. I work at the field from the middle of December to the end of April, in summer wells are suspended. In total, now I have over 30 subordinates at the field. After working with me, boys go to Gazprom, Lukoil. It is like a trampoline for them. They learn many professions at once working with me. I want everything to come along well for them, and I want the company to develop further. As I have told already, we are doing the thing which is needed.

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