Why Joint-Stock Company ModulNefteGazEngineering?

We are one of the leading oil service companies in the Republic of Bashkortostan. We are an open company with absolutely transparent officially declared salary. We are one of the leaders among PJSC Gazpromneft contractors for industrial safety, occupational health and environment protection. We have 100 out of possible 100 points for these parameters, and our employees were recognized with personal certificates of appreciation and bonuses for efficient work.

That is why if you want to work in a large company, in comfortable and safe conditions, following understandable rules, you should apply for our vacancies or send your CV to our email

Eva Shumilina

Eva Shumilina

Lead HR Specialist

JSC MNGE is an open employer

JSC MNGE is an open employer

of employees

You know, work in the Far North is not even just work. This is a way of life. I can not explain it. Every time when I come back from a long work trip I think: “I will not go there any more”, but in 2 months I call and ask: Is there any work in the North? 


Frequently asked questions
on a career in JSC MNGE

Where will I work? Where is the company’s facility located?


The main part of JSC MNGE’s vacancies is related to work at East-Messoyakhsky field located at a distance of 600 km from Novy Urengoy. A small part of vacancies is related to work at other facilities of the company, at the production premises or in the office in Ufa.

What will living conditions be at the facility?


Employees of JSC MNGE have an advantage compared to other companies. This is our own well-furnished shift camp for 150 persons, our own mess room for 250 persons, with cooks and kitchen personnel who are also employees of our company and with whom it is always easier to find common ground. We have a shower room, a bath house and a laundry room.

What transport will I use to get to the facility?


First a train to Novy Urengoy, then a helicopter from May to December. From December to April it is a crew bus of JSC MNGE along a winter road.

Do you pay for traveling, food and accommodation?


Yes, JSC MNGE pays for traveling, food and accommodation of its employees during work trips. Without double meanings.

Is your employment official? Is salary officially declared?


Yes, we work strictly as per the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. All employees of JSC MNGE (about 200 persons) are officially employed, their salary is officially declared. Money is transferred to a bank card within a payroll program of the company twice a month.

How long are work trips?


Work trips are on a 45/45 rotational basis.

What is an approximate salary level?


The salary level in work trips is starting from 80,000 rubles per month. Bonuses for successful task completion are possible.

What professions are in the highest demand in JSC MNGE?


Process unit operator, Instrumentation fitter, Electric fitter for the repair and maintenance of electric equipment, Cooks.

What do I need to do to get employed by you?


Step 1.
Send your CV using the indicated contact details, wait for an invitation to a job interview.

Step 2.
Come to Ufa, to our office at the address: 75 Richard Sorge St., and pass the interview.

Step 3.
Undergo health checks after the successful interview (at the expense of the employer).

Step 4.
Bring your passport, SNILS (personal insurance policy number), INN (individual taxpayer number), qualification certificates for your job, work record book and get employed.

Step 5.
Wait for an invitation for a work trip.



If you haven’t found yourself in the list of vacancies, but you think that we are your team, write to us!

Write to us

Process units operator (Novy Urengoy)



College degree (in engineering sciences), Qualification certificate for “Process unit operator” (not lower than grade 4)

What an applicant shall know:

  • Processes, diagrams and maps of units under maintenance;
  • Physical and chemical properties of raw materials, chemicals and products;
  • GOSTs for raw materials and products;
  • Arrangement, operating principles and maintenance rules for equipment, valves and utilities in the area under maintenance.
  • Purpose of instruments, purpose of their parameters

Skills (what an applicant shall know how to do himself on a mandatory basis)

  • Skill of monitoring an oil treatment process
  • Work experience (period, field of work)
  • 1-3 years at oil treatment facilities: central gathering stations, central processing facilities, booster pump stations

Personal characteristics

  • Able to handle stress, responsible, results oriented,
  • PC skills (level, software)
  • Command of MS Office package

Other requirements

No medical contraindications


  • Travel by train/helicopter, comfortable living conditions (our own camp), good food at the expense of the employer (our own mess room);
  • Work place – Client’s facility – YaNAO (Novy Urengoy, East-Messoyakhsky field);
  • 45/45 schedule;
  • Periods between rotations are not paid for;
  • Salary 2 times per month (advance payment/settlement);
  • Head office of the company is in Ufa. An interview in Ufa is an obligatory condition of employment;
  • Official employment.

Scope of responsibilities:

  • Monitor the operation of process equipment (pressure vessels, line heaters, dynamic equipment);
  • Monitor the operation of well equipment;
  • Monitor processes, register process parameters from the operator’s workstation;
  • Keep operating documentation (operator’s logs, shift logs, summary operating reports, dynamic equipment operation summaries, distribution of summary operating reports);
  • Maintain process equipment, take samples;
  • Carry out fitting activities (installation and removal of blinds, block, control and safety valves, gaskets);
  • Carry out highly hazardous activities (gas hazardous activities without a permit for work)
  • Participate in preparation and startup procedures for process equipment at the stage of commissioning;
  • Participate in the check of installed equipment and pipelines compliance with process requirements

Instrumentation fitter


Scope of responsibilities

  • Install instrumentation on oil producing equipment. Set up APCS
  • Maintain, inspect and repair electrical equipment
  • Monitor the correctness of electrical equipment and systems operation, find causes of equipment malfunctions and failures and eliminate them
  • Apply technical knowledge in the field of electrical equipment to solve problems appearing during operation
  • Brief workers using electric equipment and devices on the rules of their operation
  • Keep engineering documentation related to his/her job duties


  • Industry-specific university degree
  • Electric safety group 5
  • Work experience starting from 3 years
  • Availability of documents confirming grade 5 qualification
  • Knowledge of safety rules


  • Work at an oil field
  • Free travel, hostel accommodation, food and protective clothes
  • Official employment, salary by the due date
  • Salary level based on the results of the interview
  • Full-time
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